Services and Pricing

Services & Pricing

Hummingbird Hill Quilting looks at each of your creations as an individual work of art. I will work with you to choose or create a quilting design that best suits your quilt. HHQ offers both hand-guided and digital/computerized quilting.

I will do all that we can to make sure that you are pleased with the results and that you receive your quilt in a timely manner.

Long Arm Machine Quilting Services

Machine Quilting services are based on the number of square inches in your quilt top. (Multiply the length by the width of the quilt to determine square inches).The design options are literally endless. I will be adding samples of various types of designs to this site, as well as including links to my favorite vendors. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask, I may have it in my stencil library or may be able to create a pattern just for you!

Edge to Edge Pantograph ($0.025) repeats a continuous design running from side to side, covering the entire quilt. The cost relates to the density and complexity of the quilting. Please specify if you have a preference in which way the pattern runs (horizontally or vertically). Minimum cost $55.00 for either hand guided or computer guided quilting.

Semi Custom (Edge to Edge with Border Treatments) ($0.05) This is where either a freehand or a pantograph design is used in the body/center of the quilt, starting and stopping within the borders. A separate design is then set into each of the borders. Minimum is $75.00. Turning the quilt – $25/turn.

Custom Quilting ($0.10-$0.15) Includes custom design work, free hand quilting, echo quilting, set in block designs, mixed designs, stitch in the ditch, straight line quilting, and border treatments. The cost varies depending on the density and complexity of the design pattern. Minimum $100.00.
*Please note that custom quilting is not being offered at this time.* I am booked about 12 months out.

Tying is $0.03 per square inch plus floss. I tie by hand with a surgical knot. Minimum $50.00

Basting for hand quilting is $0.02 per square inch. Minimum $40.00

Binding Hummingbird Hill Quilting also offers services regarding attaching your binding to your quilt.

When you provide the fabric, HHQ will create a double fold binding and machine stitch it to the top of your quilt for you to later roll and hand tack to the back. This service is $0.15 per linear inch.


HHQ will make and machine stitch a double fold binding to the back of your quilt and then top stitch it from the front of your quilt; completely finishing your quilt. When you get your quilt back, all you’ll have left to do is add the label. This service is $0.18 per linear inch.


HHQ will make and machine stitch a double fold binding to the top of your quilt and then hand tack it to the back. Again, you are totally done! Just add your label. This service is $0.35 per linear inch. Please ask if this service is available for your quilt as it may not be offered when business levels are high.

Memory Quilts HHQ makes custom memory quilts from clothing. For more information about having a memory quilt created, please see our page devoted to T-shirt and memory quilts.


Hummingbird Hill Quilting uses primarily Superior Threads. Superior Threads has a wide variety of weights in cottons, polys & more, in both solids & variegated.

Specialty threads include, but are not limited too, Aurifil 100% cotton solids and variegated and Lava & King Tut 100% cotton variegated.

Thread Charge ~ Quilting price per square inch will now include one non- specialty thread.

Thread Changes ~ $5/each color.

Check these websites for thread color charts.

Mail Orders

Mail orders will be charged a minimum of $15.00 for small quilts and $20 or more for larger or multiple quilts for return shipping and handling. Insurance is suggested, but optional.


Payment is due in full prior to or upon pick up. Cash is always preferred.
Mail orders paid by check will be sent once the check has cleared. Payment made to PayPal must be made to a specific account, which will be given to you with your estimate or total due. PayPal payments are your total plus 3%, to cover PayPal’s fees.
Payments made via Venmo should be made under the friends and family option, so that fees are not applied.

Turn around

Turn around times vary with the seasons. We will try to give you an estimate of when you can expect your quilt completed.

Currently, turn around time is 2-3 weeks for edge to edge or pantograph designs. *Custom work is not being accepted at this time, as I am booked about 12 months out for custom.

Your quilt will be completed in the order that it was received. Please let me know if you need your quilt for a certain date. Every effort will be made to have your quilt ready for special events. We do offer a rush feature. If you need your quilt in a very short amount of time, we can work after hours to get your quilt done for your event.

(Rush options may not always be available, but we will notify you if that is the case).