Pantographs/Quilting designs

Quilting Designs: Pantographs & Custom

There are endless numbers of designs to choose from. We shall feature some of them here, as well as give links to a couple of our favorite vendors, where you can see many more design options.

We also create original designs when we are unable to find just the right pattern on the market.

This page will grow as we progress with our new website. Please be patient with us, quilting is our strength (not web design).

Prices for most digital edge to edge designs are $0.025 per square inch and includes one non-specialty tread.

Pricing may increase if the quilting is scaled down and therefore, small and dense.

Price is per square inch of total quilt size.

Pricing subject to change without notice.

A few of our favorite pantographs



Please visit these web sites for viewing an assortment of pantograph designs that are available for your quilt.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hummingbird Hill Quilting has it’s own page on where we are continuing to add new photos often.!/pages/Wilmington-VT/Hummingbird-Hill-Quilting/108101639257970

We promise to be adding more designs to this page soon!

Can’t make a decision?

Let us choose for you. Give us as many guidelines as you have for your quilt and let us do the rest.