Hummingbird Hill Quilting Order Form

Hummingbird Hill Quilting

Special note: November 2021

Well, the past couple of years sure have been full of challenges!

A little update on on HHQ. I am accepting quilts for all over/edge to edge design type quilting. Turn around is +/- 2 weeks.

I have some commissioned pieces that I am working on, as well as a few custom pieces in the line up. Therefore, quilts requiring custom quilting are not be accepted at this time. If you have a piece that needs custom quilting, please contact me and we can discuss when we can get it in the line up.

A bit about batting:

Acquiring batting has been a challenge during COVID. Orders are taking roughly 4 weeks to arrive and prices have gone up. I am taking what is available to me, so that might not always be Quilter’s Dream. Please note that if you need something specific, there may be a delay that will effect your quilting turnaround. You are always welcome to supply your own batting. If you do, please make sure that it is large enough to accommodate your top (should be 4-6 inches longer and wider than your top).

You may use the information sheet below to provide us with details about you and your quilt so that we may better serve you. Or you may just include a note with your quilt outlining the relative information.


Shipping Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name or Description of Quilt________________________________

I am a return customer____________ I was referred by ___________________

Size of Top __________X_____________ Size of backing _______X________

***The backing & batting fabric must be at least 6″ larger than the quilt top in length and width***

You can leave the following blank if you prefer the quilter make these decisions for you.

(square inches is determined by multiplying the length of the quilt by the width of the quilt).

Thread color/s _________________________$5 per color change, $10 for specialty threads(metallic, variegates)$___________

(Thread on the back needs to be similar in tone to the thread on top or “pokies” may occur)

Pantograph design (Edge to edge, All over design)______________________________________ ($0.025/psi)____________(minimum $55)

Semi-Custom Quilting design ($0.05/psi) ________________________________________________________________________(minimum $75)

Custom Quilting $0.10-$0.15/psi) ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Border pattern choices (if specific treatments are being added) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Quilt body: # of square inches __________X price per square inch=$___________


_______Supplied by customer Type__________ Size__________

________Quilter’s Dream Poly ( circle loft below)

White________ Black _________Size____________ $_________

________ Quilter’s Dream Cotton (circle loft below)

White______ or Natural______ Size____________ $_________

________ Quilter’s Dream Blend (circle loft below) Size_________ $_________

A great blend of cotton with a touch of Poly, which adds a slight loft

Lofts: Request (lowest), Select (mid-low), Deluxe (mid-high), Supreme (Highest)

________Quilter’s Dream Green Size_______________ $_________

Go Green with this new batt made from recycled plastic bottles!

________Quilter’s Dream Bamboo Size______________$_________

________ Quilter’s Dream, Wool. Size______________ $_________

________ Warm and Plush, cotton Size_____________ $_________

(Our Batting is at regular retail store prices and will not be pre-washed)



_______I‘m hoping to have my quilt back by____/_____/_______

(Even if you don’t want a “Rush”, please let me know if you need your quilt for a special event; I’ll do what I can to get it back to you in time).

__________No Hurry. I do not need my quilt back for a certain event, but I am of course, anxious to see it finished.

_______ Please Rush ( $50.00 charge-please contact us for details regarding rush orders)

_______Return Shipping (a minimum of $15, more for larger or multiple quilts)$________

Subtotal $___________

Deposit left (optional) $___________

Total Balance Due $_________

Method of Payment: ______Cash ______Check

_____ PayPal transfer (plus 3% of total due)